About the Suborbital Flight Journal

The SFJ brings together the experiences of everyone that has flown on a suborbital flight; i.e. flights into space, but not into orbit around the Earth. It's a complete compilation of all flights, all the crew, and every vehicle from a broad range of flights - starting with America's first space flight in 1961, then continuing with 13 flights on the record-setting X-15 rocket-powered space plane, two Soviet/Russian flights intended to go to orbit but were aborted, the Ansari X-Prize winning flights by Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne, and on to recent and ongoing flights by Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin in the New Era of Commercial Space Flight.

Creator / Editor

Ron Rosano is a lifelong space enthusiast and educator, and will fly into space with Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. Contact Ron via the email link at the bottom.

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